“The virtue of all-in wrestling is that it is the spectacle of excess.”

- Roland Barthes, Mythologies (1957)

Nordic Elite Wrestling leaves you high and breathless.

Standing in the crowd, you find yourself transported into this strange and beautiful world, a surreal hybrid of blockbuster beatdowns and drag show drama.

Whether you’re a lifelong wrestling fan or you’ve never seen it before, you’ll leave an N.E.W. show with a whole new idea of what pro wrestling can be.

Each time we gather ringside, we enact a ritual: bringing forth a world that transcends the bounds of imagination, yet is as as real and vivid as anything you’ve ever known.

Nordic Elite Wrestling is a new world of brilliant violence and devastating drama.

And Nordic Elite Wrestling is for everybody.︎ ︎

Photos by Martin Goltermann

Wait, is wrestling real?

A lot of people ask if wrestling is real or fake.

The truth is, it’s both and it’s neither.What’s real is the blood, sweat and cheers -- the action-packed acrobatics, and electric roar of the crowd. What’s larger than life is the drama, the colorful characters, the stakes and storylines that rival the greatest Greek myths.

Pro wrestling exists in a twilight zone, where what’s real and what’s fake doesn’t matter. At a wrestling show, every audience member plays the part of the wrestling fan. They buy into the drama and allow the show experience to become a living organism, creating a level of audience engaagement surpassing any other performance art.

To see a wrestling show is to become part of the show itself.

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